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  1. Gary Levine says:

    Thanks President Barb. Health hardships and death not withstanding, I think that the need for Kiwanis in our post-Corona world will be much greater than before. Thank you for your continued leadership and motivation as we move through these challenging times.

    • Barb Thompson says:

      Thank you for your response, IPP Gary. I think you are right about the need for Kiwanis in our post-Corona world. I am doing my best to follow in your footsteps.

      Thank you to all the Eye of the Tiger eKiwanis members for helping us and those that we serve to get through these challenging times and for bringing in new members to spread the Kiwanis impact.

  2. Gary Levine says:

    This is a great project. Thank you Kiwanian Doug for your continued work.

  3. Gary Levine says:

    It was great seeing so many of our EC&C Kiwanians joining us on the Zoom meeting. EOT member, DP Coleen did a fabulous job in getting Division 25 members out. She obviously used the same persuasive skills that she uses when recruiting new club members. Who knew that this kind of member engagement would be a byproduct of our global pandemic.

  4. Lovely reading. Thanks for sharing. It was a joy sharing meeting with so many of our fellow kiwanian friends across the miles.

  5. Kelly Pena says:


    At your convenience do you think you could show me how to create a newsletter like this? I have all the content I need but do not know how to make it look professional like this. Do you use some type of program?

    Kind regards,


  6. Barb Thompson says:


    This newsletter was lovely and read so smoothly. You found a perfect picture of the Kiwanis Club of Greater Portmore implementing their #WECARE plan. The clip art in the newsletter looks like it was developed especially for the articles that they enhanced. Thank you for the profiles and pictures of the speakers. And My Hero is You is an awesome book that we all need to read right now. Thank you for an outstanding newsletter again!


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