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Tiger News!

There were 68 members and guests present on their computers or phones for our Kiwanis Eye of the Tiger e-club meeting held on the evening of May 21st. Our club enjoyed hosting an interclub with Division 25 of Eastern Canada and the Caribbean District. With every area of the world confronting the current pandemic, it is good to know that Kiwanians continue to remain connected.

We were delighted to welcome Jose Velasquez from Columbia with able translation by EOT Past International Trustee Chuck Gugliuzza along with Florida’s Past Governor Steve LeBlanc and our International Trustee Councillor Greg Beard, as guests on our zoom call. Do I envision three more applications being sent out?

EOT member Coleen Lawson-Taylor from the Providence- Montego Bay Kiwanis Club, Division 25, was the catalyst to engage fellow Kiwanians from her Division to attend our meeting. From the Kiwanis Clubs of Hopewell, Providence Montego Bay, Montego Bay-Freeport, Bethel Town, Coastal Trelawny, Santa Cruz and Rose Hall, we were delighted to welcome all. It was wonderful to also see Distinguished Governors Bobby Moo Young and Hope Marks joining us along with so many Presidents, Secretaries and club members from Jamaica.

We congratulate Eastern Canada and Caribbean’s Immediate Past Governor Mel Clarke for receiving the Distinguished status for his year as one of only two Districts in North America to achieve that honour. Membership growth made it possible.

Our own club continues to focus on growth. President Barb Thompson was excited to be able to induct PG PNW Roger Bell, appropriating wearing a tiger tie, PG New Jersey District Michael Mulhaul sporting a covid beard, Kelly Pena showcasing the Kiwanis green screen and Kendra Skidmore eager to get out doing Kiwanis work again. We continue on the road to building a stronger Kiwanis through those dedicated to growing new clubs, fostering leaders and service to others. 

We are happy to announce the election of officers for the upcoming Kiwanis year. Thank you to those who have offered their leadership expertise to help our club move forward. Moved by Past International President Jim Rochford and seconded by Past International Trustee Gary Levine that our slate of officers was acclaimed.

Our Eye of the Tiger e-Club Board of Directors for 2020-2021

President: Dr. Bob Larsen

President-Elect: Joe Meyer

Secretary: Alan Guire

Treasurer:  Dr. Valarie Brown-Klingelhoefer

Past President: Dr. Barb Thompson

Sage: Jim Rochford

Board of Directors: Katrina Baranko, Mary Jo Brubaker, Carson Schreiber

We are pleased that the financial review committee has been formed and in the capable hands of EOT members Armand St. Raymond, Bill Seeman and Dewey Smith. They will submit their review of our finances to the club board in June. Thank you to the committee members and treasurer Valarie for keeping us on track.  

Upcoming Birthdays!

Birthday best wishes go out to several of our Eye of the Tiger Club members. Best wishes are sent out to Jim Rochford on May 3rd, Kendra Skidmore on the 7th and Julia Levine on lucky 13. They are followed by Serena Bell on the 14th, Bob Larsen on the 23rd and Nathaniel Kyle on the 25th. May the year ahead be happy and healthy for each of you!

Please mark your calendar for our next meeting for June 18th, 7 pm. EST.

To help out your easily distracted EOT newsletter editor… please send committee reports, pictures and ideas to me, Julia Levine. That really helps me out. Thank you!

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4 Responses to “Tiger News!”

  1. Gary Levine says:

    It was great seeing so many of our EC&C Kiwanians joining us on the Zoom meeting. EOT member, DP Coleen did a fabulous job in getting Division 25 members out. She obviously used the same persuasive skills that she uses when recruiting new club members. Who knew that this kind of member engagement would be a byproduct of our global pandemic.

  2. Lovely reading. Thanks for sharing. It was a joy sharing meeting with so many of our fellow kiwanian friends across the miles.

  3. Kelly Pena says:


    At your convenience do you think you could show me how to create a newsletter like this? I have all the content I need but do not know how to make it look professional like this. Do you use some type of program?

    Kind regards,


  4. Barb Thompson says:


    This newsletter was lovely and read so smoothly. You found a perfect picture of the Kiwanis Club of Greater Portmore implementing their #WECARE plan. The clip art in the newsletter looks like it was developed especially for the articles that they enhanced. Thank you for the profiles and pictures of the speakers. And My Hero is You is an awesome book that we all need to read right now. Thank you for an outstanding newsletter again!


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