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Tiger News!

There were 23 Mem­bers present on our EOT con­fer­ence call held on Jan­u­ary 16th. We are look­ing for­ward to our next con­fer­ence call when our Cal-Nev-Ha Lieu­tenant Gov­er­nor for Divi­sion 18, Ramon Rivera, will be our guest speaker.

Speak­ing of speakers…PIP Jim Rochford gave a rous­ing mem­ber­ship speech to a packed house at the Kiwa­nis Club of Tama­rac meet­ing pri­or to attend­ing the Flori­da Mid­win­ter cruise. While on board, he was pre­sent­ed with an inlaid EOT wood­en box with pic­tures of club members.

Our Sage Jim was joined by Kiwa¬≠ni¬≠ans on board includ¬≠ing his wife Deb¬≠o¬≠rah, our EOT Pres¬≠i¬≠dent Barb, her hus¬≠band Char¬≠lie, Mar¬≠i¬≠on Tay¬≠lor, Past EOT Pres¬≠i¬≠dent Gary and his wife Julia, Ray Kreig¬≠baum and his wife, Joe Mey¬≠er and LG Mary Lynn and Gov¬≠er¬≠nor Alan Yer¬≠govich. We are pleased to report a total of 3 inter¬≠clubs for Jan¬≠u¬≠ary in the process. Two were on board the Inde¬≠pence of the Seas and one was with the Kiwa¬≠nis Club of the Grand Cay¬≠mans at Guy Harvey‚Äôs Bar and Grill. 

Addi­tion­al­ly, EOT mem­bers PIT Gary and Julia joined Joe, Gov­er­nor Alan, LG Mary Lynn, Mar­i­on and Ray at the Sebring Flori­da Char­ter night. This was a club we opened pri­or to the Kiwa­nis Inter­na­tion­al Con­ven­tion in Orlan­do. It was made pos­si­ble by our own EOT mem­bers ful­fill­ing our club’s man­date. Thank you, Joe, for all of your efforts on our behalf. Our atten­dance will qual­i­fy for an EOT inter­club in Feb­ru­ary as well. Be sure to let Sec­re­tary Alan know of any of your ser­vice hours and oth­er inter­clubs for our month end report.

Sev­er­al new clubs have been opened recent­ly with the help of EOT mem­bers Alan, Jay, Valar­ie and Mary Jo includ­ing Jer­sey, Detroit and Nor­walk. When you do open a new club, please send me the club name and num­ber of mem­bers in the club and a pic­ture to jlevine@docpc.com. That way they can be giv­en prop­er recog­ni­tion in our newslet­ter. It is dif­fi­cult on a con­fer­ence call to catch the salient infor­ma­tion accurately.

Our EOT Club is try¬≠ing to have rep¬≠re¬≠sen¬≠ta¬≠tion from every Dis¬≠trict to pro¬≠mote our mes¬≠sage that it is vital to open new clubs and encour¬≠age mem¬≠ber¬≠ship mind¬≠ed mem¬≠bers to seek lead¬≠er¬≠ship roles.

Dis­tricts Need­ing Representatives

  • Cap¬≠i¬≠tal
  • Kansas
  • Ken¬≠tucky-Ten¬≠nessee
  • Min¬≠neso¬≠ta-Dako¬≠tas
  • Mon¬≠tana
  • Ohio
  • Pacif¬≠ic Northwest
  • South¬≠west
  • Texas-Okla¬≠homa
  • Utah-Ida¬≠ho
  • West¬≠ern Canada
  • Wis¬≠con¬≠sin-Upper Michigan

Please wel­come our newest members!

  1. Sharon Moody, Mem­ber­ship Reten­tion Chair, Vice-Gov­er­nor Can­di­date, Flori­da District.
  2. Joe Rug­giero Gov­er­nor, New York Dis­trict Kiwanis.
  3. Bar­bara Breuer LTG-elect, Flori­da Dis­trict Kiwanis
  4. Har­vey White Vice-Gov­er­nor, Flori­da Dis­trict Kiwanis
  5. Nanette Clark LTG Divi¬≠sion 15, Flori¬≠da Dis¬≠trict Kiwanis 

Upcom­ing Birthdays!

Birth¬≠day best wish¬≠es go out to Valar¬≠ie Brown-Klin¬≠gel¬≠hoe¬≠fer on Feb¬≠ru¬≠ary 6th with Cathy Szy¬≠man¬≠s¬≠ki on Valen¬≠tine‚Äôs Day. Marching in on the 3rd is Lar¬≠ry Mem¬≠mer, 4th Kat¬≠ri¬≠na Barenko, 7th Cloti Sim¬≠pe¬≠lo, 18th Bill See¬≠man, 22nd Alec Macaulay and round¬≠ing out the month is Alan Quon on the 23rd.




Pres­i­dent: Dr. Barb Thompson

Pres­i­dent-Elect: Dr. Bob Larsen

Sec­re­tary: Alan Guire

Asst. Sec­re­tary: Julia Levine

Trea­sur­er Dr. Valar­ie Brown-Klingelhoefer

Past Pres­i­dent: Gary Levine

Sage: Jim Rochford

Board of Direc­tors: Kat­ri­na Baranko, Joe Mey­er, Car­son Schreiber

Com­mit­tee Chairs

  • Fundrais¬≠ing ‚ÄĒ Mary Jo Brubaker/Katrina Barenko
  • Ser¬≠vice Projects ‚ÄĒ Julia Levine
  • Web¬≠mas¬≠ter ‚ÄĒ Gary Levine
  • Social Media ‚ÄĒ Car¬≠son Schreiber
  • Pro¬≠gram ‚ÄĒ Valerie Brown-Klingelhoefer 
  • Con¬≠ven¬≠tion Blitz ‚ÄĒ Joe Mey¬≠er, Jim Rochford, Jay Hubbard
  • Finan¬≠cial Review ‚ÄĒ Mem¬≠bers Needed*

Should you wish to vol¬≠un¬≠teer for any com¬≠mit¬≠tees, Please Con¬≠tact Pres¬≠i¬≠dent Barb.

Please mark your cal¬≠en¬≠dar for Feb¬≠ru¬≠ary 20th for our next meet¬≠ing at 7 pm. EST.

To help out your eas¬≠i¬≠ly dis¬≠tract¬≠ed EOT newslet¬≠ter edi¬≠tor‚Ķ please send com¬≠mit¬≠tee reports, pic¬≠tures and ideas to me, Julia Levine. That real¬≠ly helps me out. Thank you!

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