Take Time To Read!

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Take Time To Read!

This month I am recommending a literacy website for elementary ages children from Kindergarten through to Grade 8. There are a number of free books available to read online or download with related activities at FreeKidsBooks.org.

The site is divided into grade categories and age recommendations. As well, there is an ESL area and books in a variety of languages. As our global e-club is dedicated to helping children with reading this free site of books will help entertain them throughout the summer months no matter where they live.

Billy Saves The Day is the sixth title in the Billy Books series. Each book addresses a unique topic—bullying, arrogant pride, jealousy, lying, stealing, lack of self-belief, understanding money, and secrets. Written to help parents, guardians and teachers deal with the issues that challenge pre-teen children; each topic is presented in a gentle way through storytelling. Setting the issues in a meaningful context helps children to understand the challenges, and to see things from a different perspective. The books act as icebreakers allowing for discussions of difficult subjects. Additionally, each title is supported by a free activity book to reinforce the learning, while having fun.

I would love to hear from those who make use of it.

Be Well,

Julia Levine

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