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Speaker’s Corner!

We were very pleased to hear from two members of our Eye of Tiger e-Club.

Brittany Love is from the Carolinas, Kiwanis Uptown Club. Her experiences included being a youth group leader at school, a former SLP member, a teacher and a graduate from law school. In addition, Brittany jumped at the chance to be a participant in the Eye of the Tiger blitz in Indianapolis.

Brittany owns Love Law where she applies her skills in the non-profit sector. She is a volunteer with the Carolinas District of Kiwanis International on several levels from District Parliamentarian to Youth Protection Chair. Through her involvement in multiple committees and projects, Brittany is a dedicated Kiwanian who is looking forward to being an active Eye of the Tiger club member.

Gary Levine, Past President of our club, Past President of the Kiwanis Club of Owen Sound, Past Governor of Eastern Canada and the Caribbean District, Past International Trustee, Minnesota born, living in Canada and Florida, chose to share some tales from his checkered past.

His stories included the fallacy of putting a pistol wrapped in cinnamon buns in your carry on bag, the dangers of trying to teach your wife a shopping lesson, to crash landings as a super hero. He shared the life lessons he learned that helped him as a club opener. He learned to keep trying despite failing at times. We all make mistakes along the way and that’s okay… so long as we learn from them.

Speaking of the past, Gary and his wife Julia are pictured setting out to take part in Heritage Day celebrations in their home town, many, many, many years ago!






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