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Speaker’s Corner!

We were very pleased to hear from two mem¬≠bers of our Eye of Tiger e‚ÄĎClub.

Brit­tany Love is from the Car­oli­nas, Kiwa­nis Uptown Club. Her expe­ri­ences includ­ed being a youth group leader at school, a for­mer SLP mem­ber, a teacher and a grad­u­ate from law school. In addi­tion, Brit­tany jumped at the chance to be a par­tic­i­pant in the Eye of the Tiger blitz in Indianapolis.

Brit­tany owns Love Law where she applies her skills in the non-prof­it sec­tor. She is a vol­un­teer with the Car­oli­nas Dis­trict of Kiwa­nis Inter­na­tion­al on sev­er­al lev­els from Dis­trict Par­lia­men­tar­i­an to Youth Pro­tec­tion Chair. Through her involve­ment in mul­ti­ple com­mit­tees and projects, Brit­tany is a ded­i­cat­ed Kiwan­ian who is look­ing for­ward to being an active Eye of the Tiger club member.

Gary Levine, Past Pres¬≠i¬≠dent of our club, Past Pres¬≠i¬≠dent of the Kiwa¬≠nis Club of Owen Sound, Past Gov¬≠er¬≠nor of East¬≠ern Cana¬≠da and the Caribbean Dis¬≠trict, Past Inter¬≠na¬≠tion¬≠al Trustee, Min¬≠neso¬≠ta born, liv¬≠ing in Cana¬≠da and Flori¬≠da, chose to share some tales from his check¬≠ered past.

His sto¬≠ries includ¬≠ed the fal¬≠la¬≠cy of putting a pis¬≠tol wrapped in cin¬≠na¬≠mon buns in your car¬≠ry on bag, the dan¬≠gers of try¬≠ing to teach your wife a shop¬≠ping les¬≠son, to crash land¬≠ings as a super hero. He shared the life lessons he learned that helped him as a club open¬≠er. He learned to keep try¬≠ing despite fail¬≠ing at times. We all make mis¬≠takes along the way and that‚Äôs okay‚Ķ so long as we learn from them.

Speak¬≠ing of the past, Gary and his wife Julia are pic¬≠tured set¬≠ting out to take part in Her¬≠itage Day cel¬≠e¬≠bra¬≠tions in their home town, many, many, many years ago!






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