Wild and Wolly!

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Wild and Wolly!

EOT member, Mary Jo Brubaker, spoke to the club about their 42nd Woolly Worm Festival in North Carolina. In the American Northeast, it is believed that if the woolly worm has more brown on its body than black, it will be a fair winter. If the woolly worm has more black than brown, the winter will be harsh. Who knew?

The festival is a 2 day event being held in Banner Elk. This family event is co-hosted by the Avery County Chamber of Commerce and the Kiwanis Organization of Banner Elk.They welcome more than 16,000 people to the community to make family memories and the chance to earn the prestigious honor of predicting the high country winter.

The profits from the Woolly Worm Festival support county-wide projects as well as the children of Avery County. 

Thank you Mary Jo for sharing your wonderful event with us!

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