Project Possibilities!

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Project Possibilities!

There are many possible projects that we can undertake within our communities to help make a difference in the lives of families. This is a great space for your ideas to be shared with others so please send me your successful project initiatives with a picture if possible to: Ideally, projects should be simple enough for an individual to execute and require little in the way of capital to execute.

The idea I will share with you this month is something I call  A Birthday in a Bag. As a parent and grandparent, I know that a child’s birthday is a very special event in their life. For struggling families, a parent often may not have the resources to provide that extra something on their child’s special day. That is where the Birthday in a Bag helps out.

As you may see from the picture I took of one of the bags donated to our local Salvation Army Food Bank, there are several items that were purchased from the local Dollar Store. The cost to equip a birthday bag is approximately $10 for us here in Canada.

I choose a colourful Happy Birthday gift bag so if a parent has a gift for their child, they can make use of it as wrapping. Included in the bag is a gender neutral child’s birthday card, birthday napkins, a bag of balloons, candles, a cake mix and a can of ready made frosting. What you choose to include is up to you. I try to keep it simple.

I was asked if a cake pan is provided to bake the cake in. It is not, with the thinking that a pan of some kind is usually available in most kitchens. So…let’s get cooking up some great project ideas that Eye of the Tiger Club members can try out! I look forward to featuring your good idea on our Project Possibilities blog post.

Submitted by Julia Levine




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