Service With a Smile!

Join us for one of our upcoming Interclubs and/or club meetings. We are all improving the world one child and one community at a time.


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Service With a Smile!

The challenge in doing service as an internet club is that we are scattered throughout the Kiwanis world. The bonus of being an internet club is that we are scattered throughout the Kiwanis world. We need to look for ideas that we can do whereever we may be, to help make a difference for children near to us. I would suggest our own version of Read Around the World.

I have a connection with a local school that I taught at. I go there periodically and read a book to a class which I then donate to them. The cost is small but the benefits are large.

The Lion Inside written by Rachel Bright is an amusing tale that offered lots of opportunity for predicting and discussion with the students. It illustrates that we all have a lion and a mouse inside of us. For Eye of the Tiger volunteers, we may have felt insecure as the mouse in the story but we had to be brave like a lion when approaching someone to become a new member. Our Eye of the Tiger donation sticker is proudly displayed in the front of the  book cover.

I will share a different book with you each month that I have used with success. I generally target grades two to four as an eager, receptive audience. I know from over 35 years in the classroom that readalouds are always wonderfully received by students and by the classroom teacher who appreciate the gift of a book for their classroom. So…light up a child’s imagination and get reading! Submitted by Julia Levine




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