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Welcome Back!

Greetings, Fellow (e)Tigers,

Welcome to the Eye of the Tiger eKiwanis Club for the 2019-20 Kiwanis year. Thank you to returning members for the part that you played in opening 434 new clubs in the 2018-19 Kiwanis year and 411 new clubs in the 2017-18 Kiwanis year and also achieving net growth in that year. Thanks to you, we have strengthened the organization that we dearly love, helped others learn how to open new clubs, and brought in many new members of diverse ages, ethnicities, and genders to serve the children of the world. And welcome to our new members.

We owe a big thanks to Immediate Past President Gary Levine for his outstanding leadership during our first year of existence and to the other officers, Secretary Alan Guire and Treasurer, Valarie Brown-Klingelhoefer; and Board Members Katrina Baranko, Bob Larsen, and Carson Schreiber for their leadership. Thank you also to our Kiwanis International Immediate Past President, Sage, and Head Tiger Jim Rochford for his always wise leadership, counsel, and inspiration. And thank you and kudos to our current Assistant Secretary, Julia Levine, for developing this newsletter.

I hope that you are familiar with our fantastic website developed by Past President Gary Levine: and with the field guide on the site. It lists our goals:

  • Open a new Kiwanis club at the site of the International Convention,
  • Train Kiwanians how to open new Kiwanis clubs, and
  • Perpetuate and continue to develop the Eye of the Tiger new club opening methodology honed in the 2017-18 Kiwanis year.

And, of course, part of our mission from our very first meeting is to develop leaders at district and international levels in the culture of growing Kiwanis.

Toward that end, we agreed at our first board meeting of this year to add members to our club in the North American districts in which we do not currently have members: Kansas, Kentucky-Tennessee, Minnesota-Dakotas, Montana, Nebraska-Iowa, New York, Ohio, Pacific Northwest, Southwest, Texas-Oklahoma, Utah-Idaho, Western Canada, and Wisconsin-Upper Michigan. So if you know likely members from those districts, please bring them into the club. We also need members from around the world; we are fortunate to have Richard Lim of Malaysia as one of our members, and we want to add members from Asia Pacific, Europe, South/Central America, and Africa. We are asking every current member to recruit one new member into the Eye of the Tiger eKiwanis Club.

Many countries around the world celebrate a harvest festival by giving thanks. I understand that in Malaysia, the celebration is in May; in Canada, it is in October; in the U.S. it is in November. At Thanksgiving time, I think of all the things for which I am thankful. I am thankful for each and every one of you and your selfless giving of time, talent, and treasure to open new Kiwanis clubs. We must keep Kiwanis strong and vital to serve the children of the world.

Let’s grow!


Barb Thompson

2019-20 President

Eye of the Tiger eKiwanis

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