A Book Bonanza!

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A Book Bonanza!

Many of you have asked for information about ordering books to distribute to your local schools. Doug Chadwick has kindly shared the following information.

The average retail costs of these books are approximately $10 each. They are not Scholastic Books but are from publishers like Disney and Houghton and Mifflin. We cannot source specific titles as we buy in bulk to keep the price down. The Literacy Club makes up any difference in the price of the books. By partnering with your club and covering any other costs we can get them to you at $2.00 a book.

Please order in quantities of ten. Shipping and special Eye of the Tiger labels are included. Preferred orders are 50 books at a time. For orders more than 300,   please contact us.

How do we pay?

Paypal – jean@theliteracyclub.org or venmo The Literacy Club or send a check to  The Literacy Club 13381 Azores Ave  Sylmar Ca 91342 . We are a 5013c corp.

Email us with any questions to:

Doug@theliteracyclub.org or Jean@theliteracyclub.org

Thank you for your interest,

Doug Chadwick

Book Order Form

Quantity Minimum order 10 books
(additional books ordered at a minimum of 10 book increments)
Age Ranges Age Ranges Available are: Birth – 18 years
Grade Range Grade Ranges Available are: Pre-K – 12th Grade
Gender  If you know list how many of each gender you need
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