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We‚Äôd like to have you as a mem¬≠ber of our Eye of the Tiger eKi¬≠wa¬≠nis Club. It is an oppor¬≠tu¬≠ni¬≠ty to meet vir¬≠tu¬≠al¬≠ly with oth¬≠er Kiwa¬≠ni¬≠ans all keen¬≠ly inter¬≠est¬≠ed in grow¬≠ing our orga¬≠ni¬≠za¬≠tion and fur¬≠ther¬≠ing the mis¬≠sion of Kiwa¬≠nis: To Serve the Chil¬≠dren of the World.

Please com¬≠plete this appli¬≠ca¬≠tion form and sub¬≠mit your ini¬≠tial dues pay¬≠ment. We know that you won‚Äôt be sorry.

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Fill out the attached form and start mak­ing an impact on chil­dren’s lives!

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Thank you for com¬≠plet¬≠ing our New Mem¬≠ber Appli¬≠ca¬≠tion Form. In order to sub¬≠mit your mem¬≠ber¬≠ship fee, please first indi¬≠cate the month that you will be join¬≠ing it.
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