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Board of Directors

Please con­tact any of our board mem­bers if you have a ques­tion or con­cern about club open­ing and/or our Eye of the Tiger com­mit­ment to grow­ing Kiwanis.

Club Mem­ber Club Posi­tion
Bob Larsen Pres­i­dent
Joe Mey­er Vice-Pres­i­dent
Alan Guire Sec­re­tary
Bill See­man Trea­sur­er
Barb Thomp­son Past Pres­i­dent
Kat­ri­na Baranko Direc­tor
Mary Jo Brubaker Direc­tor
Valerie Brown-Klin­gel­hoe­fer Direc­tor
Gary Levine Direc­tor
Armand St. Raymond Direc­tor
Jim Rochford Sage
Melis¬≠sa Guire Assis¬≠tant Secretary


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